LaSalle, Highline, Luxury and Exotic Car Specialists

Letís face it, Highline, Luxury and Exotic Cars are quite specialized, and although we offer warranties on the more common vehicles, our expertise lies in the Luxury/Exotic Car market. Even though these highline cars are engineered to higher standards, they are still subject to breakdowns, and because of their complexity these breakdowns can get quite costly and undesirable.

Highline, Luxury and Exotic Car repairs are an expensive hassle that unfortunately everyone is faced with. At LaSalle, our mission is to simply protect drivers from costly unexpected repairs and give them the confidence and peace of mind they deserve.

In the last decade, this market has seen a sharp increase in both parts and hourly repair costs that are seemingly unavoidable during the life of your vehicle.

We at LaSalle are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to protect our customers from the financial and emotional burdens of vehicle repairs, letting them get back to their lives. We go the extra mile on a customer service call and we will continuously strive for new and innovative ways to help our clients. We believe life does deserve more than the stresses associated with auto repairs, especially when it comes to their Highline, Luxury and Exotic Cars.

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