This coverage is similar to a manufactures bumper to bumper warranty, associated with a new car purchase. This is the most comprehensive plan available. It includes any and all mechanical or electrical failures of the vehicle, in addition to all the listed components of both the gold and the silver packages.

This plan is offered at a discount from our platinum program, but nonetheless is quite comprehensive and represents an excellent level of coverage. The Gold Program extensively covers most components involved in the following operating systems:
Engine, Fuel System, Transmission/Transaxle, Front-Wheel Drive, Rear-Wheel Drive, Brake System, Suspension Assembly, Steering System, Air Conditioning, Electrical System, Cooling System, and Emissions Components.

This plan is perfect for pre-owned vehicles and is an excellent choice to protect against major breakdowns. The Silver Program covers many of the components involved in the following operating systems:
Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Primary Drive Axle, Basic Electrical, Cooling, Steering, Electrical, Air Conditioning, Brakes, ABS, Cooling, and Wear & Tear Coverage Suspension.

Wear & Tear
While most companies seek to exclude many wear and tear options such as springs, shocks and rubber parts, we give the customer an option to include these items with our Wear And Tear Coverage, for a reasonable yearly fee these items can be included in your warranty, giving you even more peace of mind.

Available Options for all Coverages
Wear and Tear Coverage
Seals and Gaskets
F-1 Clutch
Hydraulic suspension
Air Bladder suspension
Engine For Life Coverage

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