Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My vehicle is not currently under factory warranty, can I get coverage?
A. YES, We have three various plans for your vehicle. If your vehicle is less than 8 years old it qualifies for our platinum coverage, the most comprehensive coverage in the country.

Q. How are Claims Paid?
A. As soon as our Claims department is notified of your repair, they work together with your repair facility, and your claim is paid the same day your repairs are made via corporate credit card.

Q. I plan to sell my vehicle in a couple of years. Will the coverage plan I purchase today transfer to a new owner later?
A. Absolutely. Our plans are fully transferable and make for a great selling point when you are looking to move on to your next vehicle.

Q. Where can I repair my vehicle?
A. At any ASE certified Repair Facility nationwide, including all factory and franchise dealers and even local mechanics.

Q. How do I know that my claims will be covered?
A. Our job at LaSalle is protecting our clients. That is why LaSalle pays the repair facility for parts, labor and/or replacement of the failed components.

Q. I already have auto insurance. Why do I need LaSalle?
A. Like auto insurance, LaSalle protects against the unexpected, but it does this in a different way. Insurance covers your vehicle against the damage that it might have received from a car crash or natural disaster, but they wouldn’t cover normal mechanical breakage. If your transmission were to fail tomorrow, your insurance company wouldn’t be able to pay for the replacement— but LaSalle would.

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